Why Join the Royal Canadian Legion?

When you join The Royal Canadian Legion here in Napanee you will gain the opportunity to find new friends and your community will become alive to you as it may have never been before. You will have a chance to become involved and discover your own leadership skills that you forgotten you had. The real important event you may encounter is the chance to keep the Remembrance alive of those who gave their all for the freedoms we hold so dear today. The legend that this wonderful Canadian organization that has grown and become so much more has been developed by the ideas and excitement of people just like you!

Benefits of joining the Legion are the many social activities in our branch, such as sports, dances, BBQs and more entertainment throughout the year. Sports such as darts, euchre, and golf, with the chance to go on to other levels of play all encourage excitement in each event.

You may find yourself involved in community service by assisting with many programs the Legion assists in. Youth education events like the country wide Poetry, Poster and Essay competitions in our local schools and Public Speaking events as well will give you a chance to assist our youth in growing in courage and spirit. The Legion also provides bursaries and scholarships from the young at secondary level to university level. Our Legion supports the local Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps here in Napanee.

You may find yourself challenged to grow with us in Napanee. We need members who can take a leadership role in many areas of the Legion. We also need volunteers that just want to help out at events such as our dances doing 50/50 draws etc. You might find that the Executive role may suit you. As well you can go further a field and learn about the Zone, District or Provincial level of service.

As a community volunteer organization (because that is what we are, all volunteers – except for bar and administrative staff) you will find that you will gain much through the commitment and mandate of remembrance and service to our community and country.

You will also receive a subscription to the Legion magazine that is published six times a year. That in itself is a plus when you are able to read the various articles on Canadian history, current subjects and many other items.


Applicants for membership in the Royal Canadian Legion must be Federal voting age which is 18 years of age. Membership is open to Canadian citizens, Commonwealth subjects or non-Canadian citizens/non-non-Commonwealth subjects from an Allied country.


New applications are available at the Club Room bar or through the Office Manager. Applications once completed are reviewed by the Membership Chair/Committee and are presented at a General or Executive meeting for approval. Upon approval and payment of membership dues, you immediately become a member of the Royal Canadian Legion.


Ordinary: Military service qualifications required or proof of service with the RCMP.

Associate: Relationship with family member, spouse, Navy League, etc.

Affiliate Voting and Non-voting: Other – see application

Membership Fees

Ordinary over 65 at all times: $51.00
Ordinary under 65:  $56.00.   Early Bird:  $52.00 before Nov 30th
Associate & Affiliate:  $56.00.   Early Bird:  $52.00 before Nov 30th

Early Bird: members must pay membership fees before November 30th of the calendar year in order to qualify for a discount. After December 1st, membership fees are $56.00 (with exception of Ordinary members over 65)

Please contact the Membership Chair or Office Manager at 613-354-5275, if you have any questions. These prices were approved at June 21st, 2022 General Meeting.