Our Executive Members 2018/2019

President: Kathy Gardner

1st Vice: Chris Ingersoll 

2nd Vice: Gord Walsh 

Secretary/Treasurer: Helen Ackerman

Past President: Jim Gardner

Sports: Mike Goulding

Housing: Bill Cormier

Ways & Means: Dave Thain 

Entertainment: Sarah Wright

Bar Chair: Tim Smith

Sick and Visiting: MJ Phillips

Membership: Kathy Gardner

Poppy Chair: Peggy Sunstrum

Service Officer/Seniors: Chris Ingersoll

Youth Ed: Sue Ainsworth

Sergeant at Arms: Andy McGregor

Honours and Awards: Jim Gardner

Legion Villa: Gord Walsh

Finance Chair: Chris Ingersoll

Public Relations Officer:  Rob Marriott

Special Events: Peggy Sunstrum

Padre: Rev Richard Hetke

Office Manager: Tia Henderson