The Process


The Bursary Program is designed to assist those students who enter a post secondary school of education (including courses and training programs of a technical and vocational nature) and pursue the same course throughout their academic years.

The Bursary Program is funded through the Ontario Command Branches and Ladies’ Auxiliaries Charitable Foundation. Ontario Command branches, and our Auxiliaries, raise funds for the Bursary Program through poppy tagging, and other activities such as bingo, break open tickets, banquets and clubhouse operations

Who can apply

• Categories of eligibility  • Apply to OASP

• Out of province applications  • Mature students

• Apprentice training  • Part time students

• Correspondence Courses

• Manpower training

When a student submits an application for consideration of an award, gross family income, student income and assets, the number of dependants residing at home and/or attending a post secondary school of education, whether a student is residing at home or in residence, etc. are all taken into account.


Categories of eligibility:

To be eligible for bursary funds, the student must be enrolled in a post secondary school and

•be a war veteran, or the child or grandchild of a war veteran, or

•be an Ordinary or Life Member of a branch of The Royal Canadian Legion, or the child or grandchild of an Ordinary or Life Member of a branch of The Royal Canadian Legion, or

•be an Associate Member of a branch of The Royal Canadian Legion, or the child of an Associate Member of a branch of The Royal Canadian Legion, or

•be a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary of a branch of The Royal Canadian Legion, or the child or grandchild of a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary of a branch of The Royal Canadian Legion.

Apply to OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program):

Students are required to make application to OSAP in order to be eligible for financial consideration under the Bursary Program.

In order for a student to be eligible to apply for financial assistance through OSAP, the institution to which he or she plans to attend must be designated by the Province of Ontario for OSAP purposes.

If ineligible under OSAP, a letter for OSAP, confirming ineligibility must be attached to the application.

A copy of the OSAP Notice of Assessment must be attached to the application form, otherwise, the application shall be considered to be null and void. The bank letter respecting the award is not acceptable.

Out of Province Applications:

Applications submitted by students whose permanent residence is outside Ontario, but who are attending schools in Ontario will be accepted for consideration by the District Committee in which the school is located. Students who attend school outside of Ontario but whose permanent residence is in Ontario, may apply, and must submit proof that they have applied for student aid in the province where they are attending school. 

Mature Students:

An application received from a mature student will be judged on its merit.

Apprentice Training:

In order to qualify for OSAP, for the purchase of tools, the student must be officially enrolled in a post secondary institution and the program of study recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Part Time Students:

Part-time students must carry at least 20% of a course load program in order to be eligible for consideration of an award.

Correspondence Courses:

No consideration shall be given to a bursary award for students undertaking correspondence courses.

Manpower Training:

Applicants in receipt of funding through agencies (Manpower Training or other similar government sources) are ineligible.
The Process

 • Disposition of the application form
 • Awards and allocations of funds
 • Approved applications
 • Applications declined or deferred

How to Apply

Legion Bursary Application Forms are available at most secondary school guidance offices, and at the financial aid offices of most post secondary education institutions. If you have difficulty locating an application form, contact the Legion branch nearest you.

The responsibility for the completed application form rests with the applicant. If the application is mailed directly to the Ontario command office without the proper information, endorsements, and/or documents, no consideration will be given to it.

The applicant must apply for OSAP. Please see Who can apply? for more information.

Please ensure that you have the most recent version of the application. The most recent versions have the date December 2007 in the lower right corner of the last page of the application.

The Royal Canadian Legion reserves the right to authenticate all information pertaining to the application, prior to any decision being given.

Veterans and dependents:

Section B of the application form, eligibility endorsement, is applicable to the veteran, or child/grandchild of a veteran who is not a Legion member. A photocopy of the service papers must be attached to the application.

Members of branches and Auxiliaries and their dependents:

Sections C and D of the application form are applicable to the applicant who is a member, or whose parents or grandparents are current and living members of the Legion or a Ladies’ Auxiliary. A branch officer (Secretary/President/Membership Chairman) or Auxiliary Secretary must verify Legion/Auxiliary membership. A photocopy of proof of eligibility may be attached.

Registrar’s information:

Section E must be completed by the registrar’s office of the university/college/school of instruction.

Additional information – Section 10:

The applicant may take advantage of Section 10 to further demonstrate the need for the bursary and/or supply any information the applicant feels may assist the committee in determining the applicant’s need.

What to send in support of the application:

1.A copy of the “Summary of your Full OSAP Application (7 -9 pgs)must be attached to the application form.

2.Proof of eligibility if a branch officer or auxiliary secretary does not sign the application form.

3.Complete all information areas required for the eligibility type of the applicant.

4.Proof of income for the parents/guardians of the applicant.

5.Faxed applications are not accepted.

Deadline for submission:

The ONTARIO COMMAND office must receive a complete application from students who are currently attending Post Secondary Education by the last Friday of March in any scholastic year.

Where to send the application:

Send applications to:

 The Royal Canadian Legion

Ontario Provincial Command

89 Industrial Parkway North

Aurora, ON

L4G 4C4


Disposition of the application form

The Ontario Command office reviews the applications, ensuring that the applicant meets the criteria for receiving an award.

The application is then distributed to the District Bursary Committee Chairman as follows.

  • If the applicant, his parent or grandparent is a member, the application is sent to the District Chairman for the District in which the branch denoted on the application form is located.
  • If the parent or grandparent in question is deceased, the application is sent to the District Chairman for the district in which the applicant resides.
  • If the parent or grandparent in question is not a member, the application is sent to the District Chairman for the district in which the parent or grandparent resides.

Awards and allocations of funds

The maximum award to a student in each Academic/Scholastic year (September 1 to August 31 of the following year) will be $500, but the District Selection Committee may recommend a lesser amount. The committee will, in all cases recommend a dollar value for each bursary to be awarded. The decision of the District Committee is final.

Approved Applications

Applicants, for whom assistance has been approved, will be notified by the Command Office upon receipt of the recommendation from the District Committee.

Cheques will be mailed to successful applicants commencing in January, contingent upon confirmation by letter from the educational institution to the Ontario Command office, that the student in question has returned to school for their second semester. Students who fail to return to school for their second semester will not be eligible to receive an award.

Applications declined or denied

Unsuccessful applicants are to be notified by the District Committee that their application has been declined. The district Committee reviewing the applications may at its discretion refer an application to another level (district, zone or branch) with a recommendation as to the worthiness of the application. If the committee chooses this course of action, the applicant will be notified that he or she was unsuccessful at the provincial level.

An application may be deferred to another meeting and retained on file by the district committee until the decision is made.





I.  attach/return the bursary application for your completion and return to this office.  To complete the application, please provide the following:


__x__ OSAP for 2016-2017 – A student must apply to OSAP (or its equivalent in other province) to be considered for bursary. We require 2 documents from OSAP, go to osap.gov.on.ca, and print the “16-17 OSAP FULL TIME APPLICATIONS (FULLY EXPANDED) & FUNDING

SUMMARY (1-2 pages) see back.  If refused OSAP in the past, you still need to apply for the 2016-17 to show ineligibility.  If OSAP estimate shows “O” print the two documents as mentioned plus the “Status Summary” showing “nil” entitlement. If your school is not OSAP eligible, you still need to apply for OSAP for 2016-17 and provide a letter from school stating ineligibility.


__x__ Section B – Ex-Service personnel or currently serving members of The Canadian Forces (Regular, Reserve or Merchant Navy); Commonwealth War veterans – children & grandchildren Provide a copy of the discharge certificate or record of service for the veteran. Commonwealth War veteran’s documents must show war years (WWII or Korea). Further proof to establish relationship to the veteran is required. Provide one of the following:             (i) the veteran’s Obituary Notice (if deceased); (ii) your parent’s baptismal/marriage certificate or (iii) birth announcement of the student.


__x__ Sections C or D – Current living members of a Legion Branch/ Ladies’ Auxiliary only   If your parent/grandparent is a Branch or Ladies’ Auxiliary member, complete Section “C” or “D“, and have their membership verified by the current President, Secretary or Membership Chairman. Only these officers are allowed to sign the verification section of the application.


__x__ Section E must be endorsed & stamped/sealed by school. Letter of acceptance are NOT accepted. We do accept the “Verification of enrollment” from a student’s online profile instead of the stamp/seal.


__x__ Additional Information Complete Sections 9 & 10.  As the bursary is based on the financial need of student, please state reasons why you believe you are a good candidate (i.e., single family income, retired parents, etc.) to assist us in making a fair decision towards your request.


_____ Emailed/Scanned/ Faxed/Photocopied/Separated applications are NOT accepted.             I attach a new application, please complete ALL areas and return it to this office.


_____ If you did not apply for OSAP for 2016-2017 your application is automatically rejected.  You may apply again for this bursary in the upcoming 2017-18 academic year.