Admission to Premises

All non-Legion patrons (guests) are required to adhere to the House Rules. All non-legion members are here as guests of the Royal Canadian Legion – Branch 137 and shall conduct themselves in accordance with these rules. All guests shall print their names in the guest book, located at the bar. Non compliance may result in revocation of facility privileges.

Conduct of Members and Guests

All members and guests must understand that while on Branch premises, no behaviour will be tolerated which interferes in any way with the use and enjoyment of the facilities by their fellow members or guests. Foul or abusive language, racial or prejudicial remarks, loud obnoxious behavior or rowdyism will not be tolerated. Both or all participants in fighting will be told to leave the premises and will be dealt with at a disciplinary hearing.

Rental of Facilities

Any part of the building that is rented temporarily is out of bounds to all members and guests unless they are the Sgt @ Arms or an invited guest of the renter.

Dress Code

All Legion members and guests shall, while on premises, be clean and neat. Summer dress includes shoes and shirts; bathing suits, short shorts, tank tops, and T-shirts with obscene wording are not permitted. Bar staff may refuse service to anyone with a slovenly or dirty appearance and may ask them to leave or change/clean up. Non compliance may mean suspension from the premises or disciplinary action. All head coverings unless of a religious or medical nature are to be removed before entering the premises; out of respect for fallen comrades.

Damage to Branch Property

A member or guest shall be liable for any or all damage occasioned by the member or guest to Branch property. Failure to pay for any such damages on demand shall result in suspension for guests and disciplinary action for members, and/or legal action where necessary. Legion members taking Branch property without first obtaining permission from the Branch President shall be subject to disciplinary or legal action and the Branch shall have the right to recover said property. Guest may be subject to legal action.

Complaint Procedure

All complaints must be in writing addressed to the President c/o the Office Manager. Complaints must be signed, in a legible manner, prior to any action taking place.


Animals of any nature are not permitted within the premises EXCEPT: seeing eye dogs for the visually impaired, hearing ear dogs for the hearing impaired, or other special needs dogs which must be identified to the on duty bar staff.


Gambling is strictly forbidden unless under license for Branch sponsored events and violators may be subject to revocation of privileges or disciplinary action. Texas-Hold’em poker is forbidden in the Branch, including private parties.

Bar Regulations

Members and guests when leaving, shall clear the table and reposition any of the furnishings that they may have moved, all bottles and glasses must be returned to the bar area established for these items. Members and guests must vacate the premises within 45 minutes of closing time; in accordance with the Liquor License Act, R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 719 s29. No person shall bring personal alcohol or other beverages into the premises without the permission of the President or designee and no alcoholic beverages shall be taken outside the licensed beverage areas, the main Lounge and Upstairs Hall. This also applies to Non Alcoholic beverages. All Branch members are to be cognizant of all patrons and should illegal drugs be sold, traded or displayed, the bar staff shall be informed and they will take action as directed by the Bar Chairperson. Any of these infractions may lead to suspension, disciplinary or legal action.


The on duty bar staff are responsible for the service of alcoholic beverages and the conduct of members and guests using the premises. The on duty bar staff decision is final if it is deemed someone should be denied service. Should there be any conflict, the bar shall be closed until calm is restored. The President, Executive or those appointed to act are empowered to take any action they consider necessary to safe guard the interests of the Branch, its members and guests and reputation of the Royal Canadian Legion.


A member or guest shall not, under any circumstances, give a personal reprimand to an employee of the Branch.


From 10 AM until 2PM during Friday lunch periods, only persons with handicap parking permits and attending the lunch are allowed parking immediately in front of the Branch. All others are encouraged to use parking space available in the Town parking lot across the street from the Branch. There are no parking fees charged in this lot.